When you arrived at this place you might have wondered why the site bears the unusual name "Per-medjed ...". Well, Per-medjed is the name of one of Ancient Egypt's Nomes (counties) - the 19th Nome of Upper Egypt to be exact.

I have a webpage on Per-medjed (I will soon move the site here and continue my work on it). Why not visit? And being a really unique name, I also choose it as the name of this graphics and web-designs page. Oh, by the way, Per-medjed uses one of the sets you can find on this page - Papyrus.

So, WHO is the person behind Per-medjed Designs? Good question, and here's the answer:

My name is Susanne, I'm German and right now studying English (British Literature), Spanish and Intercultural Business Communications. My birthday is on the 21st of May - and (for those who believe in Star Signs etc.) I'm a Gemini. I love the UK and have some very good friends over there :o) My hobbies are music (I take singing lessons once a week), reading (currently London by Edward Rutherfurd), movies and going to the cinema (I like spooky but funny movies like "Sleepy Hollow", "The Mummy", "Scream", etc.), cooking (esp. Chinese and Italian food), history (Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, but also more or less modern history like the French Revolution, the American Civil War, etc.) - I even studied Ancient History for 2 years, surfing the net, and of course graphics design.

I don't have any children so far, but 2 sisters and one brother, who "provided" me with 3 nieces and 3 nephews. The youngest of them, Philip, was born just before Christmas 2000. So Auntie Susie is always busy being a nice aunt :o)

When I first started this page (on the 18th of January 2000) I was accompanied by a friend from Aussieland who is now one of the contributors to this page. Not very long ago I met someone else on the web who joined me recently.


I'm the friend from Aussieland, once again writing this page with my favourite nom de plume. Call me Myrr for short. After some years online I've decided I like the touch of anonymity.

I've been active on the internet for around about six years now, but first became intrigued with computers and what they can do before that when my mother brought home a computer from work and my sister and I sat down for hours using MacPaint to draw pictures of teddy bears. Now I use a PC, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro to create layouts and designs to jazz up websites.

I have a passion for learning new ways to make pages interested - right now I'm attempting to get my head around PHP to create dynamic webpages and deliver content in a more efficient way. I've also joined the blogging community and keep a diary - you can read it here.


Laura is from the States. She's been working with graphics for a little over a year. Before that, she spent 8 years in the US Marine Corps as a 'purchasor' ... basically working with computers, tracking inventory and purchasing inventory. But she's been artistic in the usual sense since she was very young, but never had the time to explore the new medium of computer graphics until now. She enjoy the coding of pages (believe it or not) but has a harder time learning it as she doesn't honestly have as much fun as creating graphics.

Anyway, if you would like to know a little more about Myrr, Laura, or Susi, feel free to ask ... any time.