Welcome to my "graphics and web-design factory". This site (better it's first components - 3 sets) hit the web on January the 18th 2000. Now you will ask what you get from this page.

Well, Per-medjed Designs (PMD) offers, or will offer in a short time, something for everyone.

Are you searching for web graphics (background sets to be exact), your very own web design (I am happy to design a set for you - at very reasonable prices), stationeries for Outlook Express, or just some useful graphics and web links? Well, then you've come to the right place. PMD offers a wide range of background sets, a couple of nice stationeries (I'll add more soon, promise), links to some great web sites, and of course custom web designs.

The background sets are divided into Linkware and Purchaseware set. Linkware sets are free for use on personal pages (i.e. pages that are not earning an income or attempting to earn an income in any fashion, directly or indirectly). Commercial pages (i.e. pages that attempt to sell anything, webmasters who are paid to create a site and wish to use my graphics, and non-profit organizations and government sites) have to buy a licence to use my sets.

Purchaseware sets are not free for anyone, everyone has to purchase a licence to use the graphics.

The stationery is free for everyone, as long as you leave the scripts as they are.

Oh, and in case you are interested in Ancient Egypt be sure to check out my site on Ancient Egypt - Per-medjed.

I hope, this gives you a rough idea of what to expect from this page. Check back from time to time as this page will expand constantly.