Purchaseware sets are FREE for no site (neither Personal nor Commerical). If you want to use one of the sets available as Purchaseware from Per-medjed Designs you have to buy a licence - find out more about this at the Online-Shop. You MUST credit PMD directly on all, meaning every, page(s) using my graphics (use the matching logo of the sets). A solitary link on a general "graphics credits" page is not acceptable.

To obtain any of the sets (.zip files), send me an e-mail.

NEW: All sets open in a new window now :o)

* Set by Laura
** Set by Myrr
* Iframe compatible browsers only.


Cloudy Day Emerald Forms



Orange Sunflower Yellow Lily



Green Island

Custom sets

If you would like to get your very own set designed by PMD, please contact me and let me know what you would like to get :o) Prices depend on the time needed to create the graphics, whether you want mouse-over graphics, etc. As you might have noticed, I'm using photos for my sets as well (e.g. in Winter Wonderland). So if you have a photo which you'd like to have included in your custom set, just send it over and I work something out :o) Of course, the same applies to logos, too.

To have a look at what I'm capable of, see below for some clients pages ...


Gifts from my Fountain - currently offline

Gifts from my Fountain Gifts from my Fountain

Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun Children of the Sun

Lifestyle for Future - site is in German

Lifestyle for Future Lifestyle for Future

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