Welcome to Per-medjed Designs (PMD). Hopefully you find this site a nice place to be :o) and enjoy the graphics and the other creations available. But as always there are some rules and guidelines you've to stick to if you want to use ANY of the designs and services.

The Graphics

ALL graphics on this page are my own creation (except when stated otherwise), I spend hours getting everything to work. All graphics are copyrighted - so don't, under any circumstances, redistribute the graphics in any form whatsoever. This means my graphics may NOT be: included in your own free or commercial graphics collections/archives, distributed by CD/diskette or printed out for offline use (as for the last thing - if you would like to use any of my graphics offline, send me an email and we might be able to work something out).

You may NOT alter any of my graphics: they must be used as they are. The only allowed alterations are adding text to a blank button or to a banner - if you experience problems doing so, I'd be happy to help you out. If you would still alter any of the graphics you would be illegally claiming authorship/ownership of them. Thus you musn't digitally manipulated the graphics in any way (i.e. resize them either in the html code or with a graphic program, recolouring, cutting/cropping, incorporating in other artwork, etc.)

Do NOT steal my bandwidth. Upload any graphics you use from this website to your own server. As for the sets, you have to do that, as you can't download any set from this page directly but will be send an email with the .zip file of the set attached (if you use a Mac, let me know and I'll send you the .sit file).

The Sets

ALL sets are for sale - see the Online-Shop for fee details. But if you don't want to buy them, you can of course still use them on your pages - as linkware sets :o)

My linkware sets are FREE ONLY for personal (pages that are not earning an income or attempting to earn an income in any fashion, directly or indirectly. You are not a club or non-profit organization that collects dues or other money (e.g., subscriptions).), non-pornographic, non-violent web pages/sites.

For commercial/business sites (that is if you sell anything or try to sell anything), webmasters who are paid to create a site and wish to use my graphics, and non-profit organizations and government sites the whole thing's a little different. Pages like this are always charged a reasonable fee for using graphics from this website. Contact me for further details or take a look at the Online-Shop.

Purchaseware sets are FREE for no site (neither Personal nor Commerical). If you want to use one of the sets available as Purchaseware, you have to buy a licence - find out more about this at my Online-Shop.

You MUST credit PMD directly on all, meaning every, page(s) using my graphics. This should be done with a link back to PMD by using my logo which links back to this site (for the sets, use it's matching logo only). A solitary link on a general "graphics credits" page is not acceptable.

The Stationery

All stationery is free for use, providing that you do not alter the scripts in any other way than e.g. putting in your email address. If you have problems with this, feel free to contact me.

You can of course also request custom stationery. Just contact me and we'll work something out.