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Well Susanne nagged me into doing a Winter set for her at last, the thing is we are heading into Summer in my part of the world so it does seem kind of strange to be hunting around for images of ice and snow and wintery things at this time of year.

Anyway I threw this together using one of the standard tubes that comes along with PSP7 for the pine cone on spruce image and playing around with colours and textures to get the effect you see in the two background images and in the title. The set makes use of a LOT of nested tables so please be careful when you are playing with the code that you keep them in tact - it will look kind of strange if they get messed around!

The font for the title is called Phosphorus Fluoride, I kind of like the rocking little bottoms on the serif feet of the text so I went with it *smiles*. You can get plenty of equally groovy and unique fonts from The Lab.

Included is the javascript code for the navigation interface you see on the left hand side. I haven't included any bullets or dividers in the set, the reason being that I have come to the conclusion that they just slow everything down with a graphic intensive set like this one.

Below are the colours I have used in the set - you could perhaps make use of them in the link colours, but using them is not essential, they are just a suggestion. The entire coding for my font choices and layout is contained in the CSS code in the head of this page. You are welcome to change it if you wish.

Text: #336633
A link: #669933
A hover: #6699FF

Lastly I've included a little graphic so you can link back to PMD. It's pretty unobtrusive and shouldn't distract from the content of you page.

I hope you enjoy this wintery set!


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