This set was created using a scanned image of the Vinca flower you see in the top left of the screen. I took the original flower and then added a couple of filters to it in PSP blur and distort the appearance a little ... theoretically it is supposed to be like oil paint but I can't see if myself!

You've probably already noticed the exceptionally long nav panel on the right hand side - it's that long purely to demonstrate how easy it is to make the thing as long as you need it to be. I will include in the zip file for this set the .psd file on which the nav bar is based so that if you are so inclined you can "reverse engineer" itand figure out exactly how easy it is to do these things.

Included in the set are the simple graphics you see right here - and an optional title graphic. I actually think this set will work quite well with a simple text title as it appears here but I've thrown in a sample that matches the nav bar if you are inclined to use it.

Obviously this set is constructed with frames ... it was the nicest way to get all the various sections in harmony with each other. The only file you should need to alter is the one called "center.htm".

So to get your hands on this set - email!