Happy Valentine's Day! This set is for all those who believe in the power of love :o) Love is the strongest of feelings and in times of sorrow and despair we should remember that we still have it ...

Included in this set are

All the HTML you need to get the effect you can see here

The background image

"Happy Valentine's Day", and "Welcome" headings

The bullet

The divider

The "normal" navigation buttons (see left)

The extra button to add interest to your page (see below)

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Design notes: As always, this set was rendered in Paint Shop Pro 6.

The set is made up of nested tables and uses a lot of JavaScript. But you don't have to be a HTML expert to use it ... all the work has been done for you. You'll receive the html file and all you've to do is replace my texts with yours :o) And if you should have problems with the buttons (and the JavaScript), just give me a holler *smile*

If you would like to use this set please email me and mention WHERE you plan to use it. You will be send a zip file with all the graphics in it - so you will need winzip to open it.

Please don't forget to link back to "Per-medjed Designs". I have included a matching link button in the set, so please follow the Terms of Use and use it.