Rasberry dream is inspired by a large bowl of icecream *laughing* but aside from that it's coordinated colours and pleasing to the eye and while a wee bit sickly sweet perhaps also perfect for sugary, girly things.

This set was developed in response to a specific brief, that was, to come up with a fast loading design for a graphically intensive website - if you are loading up you pages with images you really don't want to make your visitors wait longer than is absolutely required to get to those images just so a few cute background images can load up. This set addressed a particular need in webdesign.

Included with the set is everything you need to make it run and look icecreamery delicious! To maintain speedy loading time I recommend the use of text links as part of the navigation design. You can put them in the strips of pale pink you see above and below. However, if you have your heart set on graphical elements to include with this set I may be pursuaded to make some extras, but you will need to plead your case via email!

As with all my colour palette designs, please don't just take my ideas and implement them in a different order of colours for example. I do actually put a lot of time and effort into deciding which colours should go where and how much of each colour to use. The colour palette is part of my intellectual property! If you had come up with the idea independently that would be different, but now you've seen this you've lost your chance!

Oh and please remember to link back to Per-medjed Designs.