Pastels, pastels, pastels ... I just love them :o) These soft colours where always my favourites, well, apart from my "pink phase" when everything had to be pink. And I especially like greens, soft pinks and blues ... they've been "haunting" me for quite a while now. So I thought I'd better try and get this off my mind and create a set with these lovely colours :o)

In case you don't like the colours I choose for some reason, no problem. This set is fully customizable, it doesn't have to be a pastel set *grin*. So if you would like me to re-design this set for you, just drop me a line. As always the banners and buttons are also customizable. For more info, check out my Online Shop.

Included in this set are

All the HTML you need to get the effect you can see here

Both background graphics and border graphics

The "Pastels" heading & a "Welcome" heading

The 2 bullets

The 2 divider bars

The "normal" navigation buttons (i.e. home, links, contact, about, updates, Guestbook - View and Sign and awards) + one blank button

The button (see below) to add interest and beauty to your home page

If you would like to use this set please email me and mention WHERE you plan to use it. I will send you the zip file with all the graphics in it - so you will need winzip to open it.

Please don't forget to link back to "Per-medjed Designs". I have included a matching link button in the set, so please follow the Terms of Use and use it.