PebbleObviously this is a nature inspired set. The leaves and pebbles were scanned from my garden (by way of the beach in the case of the pebbles). The leaves for those with a horticultural bent are Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum. We have a lovely small one in the bottom of the garden which is a lovely spring green at the moment but will turn gorgeous pinky red when the time comes - perhaps then I'll do a repeat of this set in pink/red.

Japanese MapleIncluded in the set

  • HTML and graphics to achieve the look you see here.
  • Alternate title - "Welcome". Email me to customise it or do it yourself, the font is "IrisUPC"
  • Leaf and pebble motifs to use as you choose of the page. They are trasparent gifs designs to work exclusively with this page, please don't use them elsewhere.
  • Linking graphics for Per-medjed Designs - don't forget to use it!

Lastly but not leasly a breakdown of the colours used on the page ...

Link: #576B3A

Visited Link: #301914

Active Link: #FFFFFF
Background Colour: #4B8128
Table Background: #6D9950
Header Colour 1: #899F48
Header Colour 2: #2F1713
Text Colour: #CCDEC0

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