This set is based 8th-9th century English traditional designs, some from manuscripts, others carvings or metalwork decorative objects. Every decorative motif you see on this page was drawn and coloured using a combination of Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop and Fireworks - scanning will not achieve the same effect, believe me, I tried! Please don't ask for extra motifs to be created for the set, the ones that are here took me long enough to create and were chosed because they blend so well together.

Included in the set are the usual buttons etc and a couple of extra hand coloured motifs which you can use to decorate the page.

If you wish to customise the title graphic, the fonts used are Monumental Gothic and Kelmscott, both available from the Scriptorium with a BladePro fill effect which is included in the zip file. The easiest way to takle this customisation is to have the text against a pale background and save it as a transparent gif.

Don't forget to link back to Per-medjed Designs, the linking button is also included.