Ok, ok ... I'm a little bit obsessed with lilac ... But it is a lovely colour, isn't it? In the unlikely event that you don't like lilac (these things do happen, I know), this set and it's colours are fully customizable (e.g. you can get it in green, red, orange, blue, etc.) But of course I'm not a charity or something of the like, so you'll have to pay for it *grin* For fee structures please check out the Online Shop. The prize for a new colour scheme is the one you'd pay for exclusive use of a linkware set ...

Included in this set are

All the HTML you need to get the effect you can see here

The background graphics

The 4 different heading + a "Welcome" heading

The 2 bullets

The divider

The "normal" navigation buttons (i.e. home, links, contact, about, updates, recipes, guestbook - view and sign)

The extra button to add interest to your page (see below)

Design notes: This set was rendered in Paint Shop Pro 7.

The set is made up of nested tables. But you don't have to be a HTML expert to use it ... all the work has been done for you. You'll receive the html file and all you've to do is replace my texts with yours :o) Still, if you should have problems with anything, just send me an email *smile*

If you would like to use this set please email me and mention WHERE you plan to use it. You will be send a zip file with all the graphics in it - so you will need winzip to open it.

Please don't forget to link back to "Per-medjed Designs". I have included a matching link button in the set, please follow the Terms of Use and use it.