This set is inspired by the work of Suzuki Harunobu, a Japanese artist of the 18th century. The girl standing watch over your content comes from a print called Eight Views: Early Morning Mist in Ogi. I picked that work primarily for the colours she's wearing - I think the costume is just beautiful.

This is another iframes set - , I recommend you ask your visitors to download the latest version of IE (6) or Netscape (7) to fully appreciate your pages. It's optimised for an 800 x 600 screen but will look ok larger, just doesn't take up as much room on the screen.

There is an alternate title included in the zip file with a title that just says welcome - if you'd like a custom title then you are going to have to email me with your request. If you want to tackle it yourself bare in mind that part of the far right corner image contains a piece of the title, so you will need to work with that consideration in mind. The font is "Still Time".

There is no other page adornment included in the set - but really to make it work beautifully all you should have to do is some colour specifications for your page elements - anything more than that would be overkill I think.

Anyway enjoy! And if you don't have iframes you're missing out!