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This is the first of my "coloured" sets - that is, most of the graphics on this page are not actually graphics but rather tables with particular colour attributes to give a stylish, coherent and professional look to your site, not to mention reduce download times significantly!

You'll notice a bunch of navigation aids in the left hand panel - these are incredibly easy to customise and the ones you see there are just an example of what you could use. But given that these ones are so easy to customise yourself I ask that you please refrain from emailing me to do this for you - just change the text in the table to match the theme of your link.

Oh, and a quick note here for my good friend Felix who has made use of a variation of this set for his home at ATWAS. His ideas inspired me to create this one once we were done designing his home. Why not pay him a visit?

Felix Who? - Showplace of Felix Barasc at All the World's a Stage.

This set is an example of what I mean when I talk about the copyrighting of colour palette and layout. If you like it please attribute the design to me, it's very little to ask.


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