I was out hunting the net for some tropical flowers for a small graphic I needed to create to advertise a roleplay group looking for new writers. I was so taken with this flower image that I've decided to put down my text books for the day (I'm in the middle of exams) and create this set.

The flower is of course a Pink/Yellow Plumeria and the colours are just gorgeous don't you think?

Anyway, once I get started on a new set these days I like to try and experiment with the coding as well. This particular set is my first attempt at using Iframes. I hate and abhor regular frames, the way they box in your pages and look so clunky - but iframes have a little bit of extra flexibility. They also make it really easy to create a template for you page and update quickly and easily by changing the content pages rather than the design pages.

They do have their drawbacks. This page will only display correctly for people using Internet Explorer 4 or above and Netscape 6 and above. The page is a complete mess in Netscape 4 so don't even bother if you want to build pages that display correctly for those old dinosaurs out there with outmoded browsers.

OK - included in this set are all the graphics you need to achieve the same look you see here.

Also included are the pages which form the content of the iframes you see here - that is a body file and an updates file. You will need to create extra ones to correspond with the links associated with the nav panel on the right (or for any navigation you add) and you will need to edit the set.htm file to reflect these pages. Make sure when you create the links you point the target to the iframe in question (this is already done but keep it in mind while you are editing).

This set also makes use of style sheets. It's worthwhile becoming familiar with how they work, they are so much more flexible and easier to manage than regular HTML IMNSHO.

Because of the complexity of this set I will happily answer email queries, and if things are a complete mess will help you set up the navigation and pages. Please have a go at doing it yourself first though, it's the only way to learn.