You could use this space to put extra links or resources that you use, or leave prominant messages for your guests.

Welcome to the "GERBERA" set. As you can see we were inspired by this lovely photograph of a yellow Gerbera from a mothers day bouquet a few years ago. As you already know, the set makes use of an introductory page which is entirely optional (all the links are also here) but we think adds a bit of flare to the design.

Included in the set are the following elements:

  • The introduction page navigation graphics and javascript
  • The introductory title
  • Titles for the Welcome, About, Journal, Gallery, Links, Guestbook, Awards and Webrings pages.
  • The tables correctly coded to appear like this, provided that you don't alter them!
  • The graphics and javascript for navigation bar to the left of the screen.
  • The cascading style sheet we have used to format this page and the introductory page including our colour choices.
  • The bullet images you see here
  • 1 divider line to use in place of the <hr> tag

We do offer to customise some elements of this set for you. If you would like this service please email us and give us clear and precise instructions about which titles you would like altered. We will not alter the gerbera image or the style of the navigation bar!

Please don't forget to link back to Per-medjed Designs - we have included a matching linking graphic to this set but a text link will suffice, provided that you place it on every page which makes use of this set.