Well in my part of the world the trees are mostly evergreen but then there are some European plants here and the time has come for them to loose their leaves.  After putting together the beach set with it's water and summery feel I was thinking about the seasons and the elements and eventually through a lot of experimentation ended up with a set that seemed to combine seasonal autumn with elemental fire (although my sister tells me my fire looks a little like the top of our pine table at home).

Included in this set is

All the HTML you need to get this bordered effect

The 3 backgrounds - fire (or wood if you believe my sister) dark leaves and light leaves

The "Welcome" heading

3 bullets (bullet1 is shown here)

2 divider bars

The normal navigation buttons (i.e. email, links, home, back, next and guestbook buttons + 1 blank button

If you do not use the navigation table below please link to use using this logo

If you would like to use this set please email us and mention WHERE you plan to use it (we just love to see where our sets end up). We will send you the zip file with all the graphics in it - so you will need winzip to open it.

Lastly if you use this set please don't forget to link back to us. I've included a matching logo and link in the set so you would have to go to some trouble to remove it - and that would be against our rules!